Xylitol as a nasal spray ingredient

Xylitol has a variety of uses and one of these is as a nasal spray.  When used as a nasal spray, it is often combined with saline to both clear and soothe your nose and nasal passages.  This sugar alcohol is all natural and it is found in most plant material.  

How to Use a Xylitol Nasal Spray

You will use it like you use any other type of nasal spray and should follow the instructions on the package or follow your doctor's prescription.  The general way to use a nasal spray is to insert the nozzle into your of your nostrils while pressing down on the opposite nostril.  You will use one to two sprays in each nostril and breath only through your nose while using the spray.  These sprays are generally used two times a day, once in the morning and once at night.

How Does Xylitol Work as a Nasal Spray?

This sugar alcohol plays many roles when used in nasal sprays.  The following explains why Xylitol is an effective nasal spray ingredient:

  • Harmful bacteria has a difficult time sticking to the cells inside the nose when Xylitol is present.  This prevents bacteria from settling and causing an infection.
  • When this is present in a saline nasal spray, it reduces the salt concentration.  This is important because too much salt in the airway surface can reduce the effectiveness of antibiotics.
  • Your nose naturally cleans itself and this sugar alcohol helps to encourage it to clean itself even more effectively.

This type of nasal spray can also be helpful for nasal allergies and other issues that are triggered by nasal allergies.  Regular use of a Xylitol nasal spray can be helpful for the following:

  • Runny nose
  • Stuffy nose
  • Feeling like you need to sneeze

This spray can also keep your nasal passages clear to help prevent issues like asthma, which can be triggered by irritants in the nose.