Xylitol Products for Children

We provide a wide range of products made specifically for children. These products have been clinically tested and proven 100% safe for use. Health professionals worldwide recommend these produces because of the benefits from using xylitol across a wide range of health applications.

Children’s Nasal Spray

Our Kid’s Xlear Sinus Care Nasal Spray is very easy to use and was designed so that it can be easily administered by the parent.

  • Comes in an EASY open and use package
  • Is made with natural ingredients and has NO harmful or addictive ingredients
  • The ONLY nasal spray on the market that contains the unique blend of xylitol and saline
We know how important it is for you and your child to live healthily. This patented nasal spray has proven to help all of the following:
    • Allergies
    • Infections
    • Congestion
    • Nasal dryness

    We recommend daily use and at least twice daily for best results. If you are looking for a safe product that will provide clean nasal passages and moisturizing results than we guarantee you’ll love this product!

    Children’s Tooth Gel


    Our Spry Kid’s Tooth Gel and Baby Tooth Gel Combo Kit are products that your children will absolutely love! Made for children ages 3 months and up, your children can have their choice of three different delicious flavors that bring all of the oral health benefits from xylitol.

    • Comes in Original, Bubble Gum, or Strawberry Banana flavors.
    • Cleans gum, teeth, is safe to swallow, and promotes positive hygiene.
    • Fluoride-Free and made with xylitol and other natural ingredients.
    • Helps maintain and develop great hygiene habits at an early age.
    • Non-allergenic and invented by mom-dental hygienist.

    We believe it’s important for your children to learn to take care of their oral health at a very young age. Our products are the perfect auxiliary in preventing bad hygienic habits.