Xylitol Is The Best Tooth-Friendly Sugar Substitute

We know that you’re here looking at our products because you care about your teeth. We want you to have a clean and healthy mouth. Xylitol has been clinically proven to help fight cavities, remove plaque, and build a defensive system to prevent caries from starting.

Maybe you didn’t always care about your oral health and because of that you now need a better, safe, and healthy alternative to products that aren’t protecting your mouth.

With every purchase you should ask yourself this question, “Is the product I’m buying a ‘toothfriendly’ product?” It has a clean minty flavor, but is it actually healthy for your teeth?

How do you identify a “tooth-friendly” product?

  • They can be taken at any given time.
  • They have no risk to your teeth.
  • They have passed tests and results show no dental harm.
  • They are certified safe by the tooth-friendly international association.

Some early studies in Finland on xylitol in the 1970s showed that cavity-causing bacteria preferred sucrose-flavored gum (most regular chewing gum). However, xylitol flavored gum resulted in nearly two fewer cavities or missing teeth. Xylitol is the best sugar substitute if you are looking to improve your dental health.

Along with all of the dental benefits that xylitol provides, xylitol has shown to help some people with reducing the craving for sweets. So if you’re an addict to sweets and need a product to keep you satisfied, we’ve got all the right products right here.

There are other tooth-friendly sugar substitutes, why should I choose xylitol?

  •  *Xylitol gives the best dental health benefits over any other sugar substitute*

If you’re just looking for a sugar replacement – you should be happy with your choice. Choose one that also aids in preventing cavities, has fewer calories than sugar, and promotes amazing oral health!