Spry Whitening Kit


     - Recommended by health professionals

     - Made with xylitol and natural ingredients

     - Clinically proven to whiten your teeth

     - Quick, safe and effective

     - Immediate results

     - Uses a simple two-step formula










Have you ever been to the dentist and had your teeth professionally whitened? It’s a decently long process that requires a machine inside of your mouth, stretching it open while you sit uncomfortably in a chair hoping that the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars you’re spending will make your teeth whiter. At the end of the process your teeth are very sensitive and you can’t eat what you want. The process has proven to work but how long do you want to continue whitening your teeth this way? Or maybe you haven’t had this painful process, but you’ve gone to Wal-Mart and tried other inexpensive methods to whiten your teeth. Whatever past experiences you may have, we’ve developed a better solution and a better product than the one you’ve used before.

The solution is this -- It’s a quick, safe, effective, and expert way to whiten your teeth. Our Spry Teeth Whitening Kit has been created and patented by experts that used a two-step formula in its creation. The best part is, it’s simple, effective, recommended by dentists, makes teeth whiter, made with xylitol, reduces tooth sensitivity, clinically proven, contains natural ingredients, and improves your oral health.

Our Spry Teeth Whitening Kit has safer whitening agents than our competitors, immediate results, and can be used as often as needed. It also does more than just whiten your teeth, it makes your teeth clean, feel clean, look clean, and reduces sensitivity.


There are four basic steps when using our all natural Spry Teeth Whitening Kit and the steps are very simple.

  • First, make sure you mold the tray to fit your mouth.
  • Second, simply apply Perogel, which is the first whitening agent and is primarily made with hydrogen peroxide and xylitol. The reason why we first apply Perogel is because it helps remove discoloration (particles embedded in our teeth).
  • Third, simply apply Viocin gel, a gel that is also made with xylitol and uses light spectrum technology to effectively whiten your teeth. This is not a bleaching product. Both gels include natural minerals to help build and support calcium in your teeth. 
  • Fourth and final step, show off that new white smile!