Spry Toothpaste - Peppermint (With Fluoride)


Your mouth will be extremely satisfied with this product! This peppermint toothpaste gives plaque and cavities a battle. It helps strengthen teeth and is better for your dental health because of xylitol! Here's what you'll enjoy while using this product: 

  • Contains Fluoride 
  • Strengthened teeth and gums
  • Rich in peppermint flavor
  • An amazing taste
  • Clean and re-freshened breath

Some tips when using:

  • Make sure to brush at least twice a day!
  • Using other xylitol products throughout the day before and after will help fight off caries. 
  • Try gum or mints throughout the day!

FAQ and answers about xylitol can be found on our blog page! 

Type: Oral Care

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