1200ct Spry Mints - Peppermint


  • Peppermint mints come with a great peppermint flavor that is filled with xylitol. 
  • These mints aid with fixing oral health problems and prevent plaque build up. 
  • If you love peppermint flavored candy, mints, or gum then you will love these!
  • Each unit holds 1200 mints.
  • These mints strengthen and help maintain a healthy mouth. 
  • Recommended throughout the world by professionals! 

These Peppermint Mints will knock your socks off with a delicious mint burst! Studies show that xylitol helps prevent dental caries for anyone who consistently uses it. These have great flavor and give your teeth a helping aid if used after every meal. Feel free to read more about xylitol on our blog. There's reasons why dentists, doctors, and other professionals recommend frequent use of xylitol products. 

Feel free to check out our blog or catalog page for updated information and other xylitol products. 

Type: Mints

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