Netirinse w/ Sinus Care


Here's why you should choose AllXylitol. We build our products to increase your oral and sinus health. Our formula is plain and simple. We build products that are good for you, improve your quality of dental health, and contain natural ingredients. We truly believe that we have the best products. Our sinus care products (and all of our products) are easy to use and extremely safe. 

Why choose us? 

  • We have a patent ingredient that no one else has.
  • We have clinically proven products to increase your oral health
  • Our products safely remove contaminants, and other irritants. 
  • Our products are safe for children, adults, and even women who are pregnant.
  • This product will aid in relieving seasonal allergies.
  • This product can be used along side our other nasal spray products. 


Type: Nasal Care

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